Sunday Service: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Wednesday Service: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Call Angelique @ 778-384-7656

Location and Parking
Address: 333 6th St. New Westminster, BC. We are located across the street from 711, in the same block as Salvation Army.



The Parking lot can be located north east of the church. The lot is marked with the pink box and the path back to Living Hope is highlighted with the pink line. There is also street parking along 6th St.


What To Expect

We’re glad that you drop by to check us out.

We make all the effort to provide a friendly and casual atmosphere to welcome everyone who step in our door. We are interested in your story whether you come in a coat and tie, or jeans. No matter who you are or what’s your story, you’re welcome here. We make it a point to take time to welcome everyone especially our guest because we understand that stepping into an unfamiliar church for the first time can be intimidating. You can come as you are!

Our church is filled with singles, families, children, teenagers, babies, and adults of every age. Our worship begins at 10:30 AM with a mixture of contemporary music led by a live band. Our worship last for one and half hour that centers on the proclamation of the Word of God, sharing of life's journey, and praying for one another. Lights snacks is available at our Fellowship Hall for an extended conversation. 


We are affiliated with the British Columbia Baptist Conference (www.bcbc.ca) a movement of churches working in strategic alliance in order to achieve, together, more than can be achieved alone. BCBC is a district of Baptist General Conference of Canada (www.bgc.ca). Its a movement of 106 Canadian Churches stretching from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia. We are Baptistic in theology and gentle in spirit. Our background can be traced to the immigration of Swedish pietists coming to Canada in the late 1800’s. Our congregations reflect a broad variety of culture and tradition. Some are filled with long term Canadians, others reflect the mosaic that Canada has become in this last generation. We speak English, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, Farsi and maybe even one or two other languages on any given Sunday in our movement.