Rethinking Church Series: Rethinking Our Love For Christ

Matthew 25:40

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me""

If the church views helping the needy in our world as if they are caring for Jesus Himself, there's no way we would sit idly by while they suffered.

I. The love of Christ is beyond words and intentionTherefore: My love for others must be beyond words and intentions.

II. The love of Christ holds us. Therefore: My love for others must be deeply rooted in the love of Christ.

III. The love of Christ knows no boundary. Therefore: My love for others must know no boundary too.


The Matthew 25:40 Challenge

In line with our 15 year celebration, we are launching the Matthew 25:40 Challenge. 15 Weeks challenge starting from Jan 29 - May 14 to apply Matthew 25:40 to whoever God will place in our life.

The goal of this challenge is to move us out of our comfort zone and deepen our love for those whom Jesus loves.

1. Pray that God will open your heart to take this challenge.

2. Pray that God will bring someone in your path that you can love and serve every week for the next 15 weeks.

3. As you pray seek someone who is: Matthew 25:34-36

  • Hungry - that you can feed
  • Thirsty - that you can give a drink
  • Stranger - that you can welcome in your home
  • Need clothing - that you can clothed
  • Sick - that you can clothed
  • Prison - that you can visit

4. The goal is to do at least one every week for the next 15 weeks.

5. You can do it alone or with your family or with your small group.

6. Work with our Mission's Team for some ideas and opportunities.

7. Share how God changed you through the simple act of kindness.

8. At the end of 15 weeks, we are going to celebrate our journey.


Small Group Discussion Guide:

1.    What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

2.    How does salvation by faith through grace fit into this passage? Does this passage mean salvation is earned by good works?

3.    What do you think Jesus means by saying we treated Him the way we treated the least of these? How does seeing Jesus in every person you encounter affect the way you treat waiters/store clerks, etc.?

4.    What is one practical way you can help the “least of these” right now?

5.    Is there anything God is laying on your heart for a practical way our small group can show the love of God to our community and get out of our comfort zone?

6.    How can I pray for you?



Richard Reyes