Mission Sunday

Across the street all around the world

Big Idea of the Series: As believers, we are called to love God, as well as honor, serve, and reach people with the gospel. When we begin to love each other as Christ loved us, this love will compel us to turn our entire world into a mission field. 

Point #1 – Our Local Church
Text: Acts 2:42-47
As illustrated by the first believers, God designed the church to be a group of people who love each other, just as they are loved by God.

The early church, first and foremost, was a place where people unselfishly cared for each other and worked to make a difference in the world. Acts tells us exactly what our local churches should look like.

They were focused on understanding God's word and on fellowshipping together. In the early church, people came together daily and studied the apostles' teaching. This was the normal life of  a new believer.

Ther were commited to generosity. They did not wait for the leaders to tell them what to do. They did not request for a committee to be created to see who has a need. They took upon themselves to help those who are in need.

Point #2 – Our Community
Matthew 28:16-20
God desires for us to reach out to those in our world and make disciples of Jesus. Where do we start? Our personal communities.

Jesus command is to go. This is not a one time event. It means, "as you go", "as you go about your daily life". This is not an activity that you join but it should be part of the new normal to you whereby you share the gospel. The good news first through our mouth and in our life as we go to work, school, public places, in homes even in our sickness and in health because this is the only reason why God is keeping us here on earth. 

Why don't you do something?

Point #3 - Our World
Acts 1:6-11

God calls us to reach our world for Him; we all have a part to play in world missions. 

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He commanded us to not just stay in our local communities (“Jerusalem” and “Judea”), but to go into the entire world (“Samaria” and “the end of the earth”) with the message of hope. Are you involved with taking Jesus’ love to the world?

The ascension of Jesus is pivotal here. Because Jesus ascended, we can receive power from the Holy Spirit to build His church. We don’t have to do this alone! Some of you might live in fear at the thought of evangelism, but you don’t have to be scared. God is with them. He can do what we can’t do alone.

Everyone is called to make a difference. This plays out in different ways; it could be moving across the world, raising money for missionaries at home, or going on a short-term mission trip. There is something everyone can do. 


Discussion Questions:

1.    What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

2.    What are the commands in these passages? What are the promises?

3.    Do you know anyone who doesn’t go to church or doesn’t know Jesus personally? What can you do right now to help them come one step closer to becoming a disciple?

4.    Someone reached out to you and showed you Jesus in order for you to become a believer. Who was it? What happened?

5.    People are watching our lives, looking for a reason to accept or reject the faith we claim as our own. Is there anything in your life—even if you think it’s hidden (it’s not)—that would cause someone who is on the fence to reject Christ?

6.    How can I pray for you

Living Hope