We’re now on the fourth week of on the Financial Fitness series. This series is not about how to get rich and be set for life. It’s about growing to be a better manager of God’s resources so we can participate in God’s work of bringing people back to himself.

Today we are going to talk about “THE HABITS FOR HEALTHY FINANCES”

Sow a thought, reap an act; Sow an act, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow a character, reap a destiny.

To get healthy in any area I must develop healthy habits

If I want to be healthy in any area of my life, I have to develop healthy habits in that area.

If I want to be physically healthy, I have to develop the physical habits of eating right, exercise, sleep, lower stress.

If I want to have a healthy marriage, I have to develop healthy habits of relationships – the way I talk to people, the way I listen to people, the way I respond to problems.

These are habits that I have to develop.

And if I want to develop healthy finances, to be financially fit, there are certain financial habits I have to develop in my life.

At the end of this service today I’m going to do a special prayer for those of you who are really struggling financially.

We’re going to have a time of asking God to do a miracle in your life financially.

But why should God do a miracle in your life if you don’t change the attitudes, actions, and behaviours that got you in the hole in the first place?

God loves to do financial miracles. And he does them all the time. But he says first you’ve got to get your act together. You’ve got to do it the way I said for you to do it.


In this series we’ve been in on financial fitness for a few weeks, we’ve looked first at the fundamental laws of money that God talks about in his Word, in the Bible, in the book of Proverbs and in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Today we’re going to take little turn and this week and next we’re going to look at some practical areas.


Next week we’re going to look at the five ways to make money work for you.

The five best ways to use your money on this planet. That’s a good message I’m excited to share.

But this week we’re going to look at the eight habits for getting out of the hole.

Eight habits for getting financially free. And they’re all in God’s Word.

We’re going to look at these verses from the book of Proverbs.

Each of these habits is in order. In other words the first habit is the most important one. The second one is the second most important one. The third is the third most important. I have listed these in their order of how you do them.

1st habit for financial health


My salary is not my source. My savings is not my security! Not the economy, not my rich dad and mom, not the govt., not my employer but GOD!

DEUT. 8:18“Always remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability TO PRODUCE WEALTH.”

We have a tendency to forget this truth all the time because we get accustomed to receive and we think that we are entitled to every blessings God has to give.

God is the giver, the source of our ability (wisdom, life, strength) to produce wealth

To produce wealth:

Let’s get a better perspective on wealth

Wealth To understand the biblical view of wealth, one must understand the biblical account of creation. On that account God created the universe—and everything therein—“out of nothing” (Gen. 1:1–27).The truth is that God owns it all – but loans it to you while on earth. We are not like God who creates out of nothing. We need raw materials to produce something. To grow and harvest apple we need an apple seed.In order for us to produce wealth, we must do it God’s way not ours. We must do it according to the principles God laid on his word.

The diff between Capitalism, Communism & Christianity

Capitalism – What’s mine is mine and I will use it as I sees it fit

Communism – What’s yours is mine and I will take

Christianity – What’s mine is God and I will use it for His glory

Understand this: God wants you to be productive!

Nothing wrong with prospering - as long as you do it the right way

Remember – It’s not God’s will for all to be millionaire or billionaire!

2nd habit for financial health


God doesn’t bless cheaters!

PR.15:27”Dishonest money brings grief to the whole family.” 27Whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household,…(ESV)

It might ring instant happiness but in the end it will result in grief

How? Not giving a full day’s work. Christians= best reputation!

o Padding an expense acct. Wasting resources

o Fudging on taxes

PR.16:11“The Lord demands fairness in every business deal; he sets the standard.”

11God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business. (The Message)

o You don’t misrepresent the used car/house you’re selling

o God blesses integrity

PR. 28: 8If you make money by charging high interest rates, you will lose it all to someone who cares for the poor.”

8 Income from charging high interest rates will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor. (NLT)

PR. 13:11“Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; but wealth from hard work grows”


Warren Buffett’s #1: Never lose what you’ve already made!

More people have lost more money this way- than any other!

EVERY Get Rich Quick scheme sounds great on the surface

Greed makes people gullible. Easily duped.

Take this wise advice:

1. Stick with what you know à Scam: “A secret ”

2. Never decide on emotion à Pressure to decide NOW!

3. Never risk borrowed money to Get Rich Quick scheme

4 Test the idea with others. Get counsel. Ask for advice. (spot the flaws)

5. Doubt the guy who’s always chasing “a BIG deal”


Pr. 21:5Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.”

Hasty” Make financial decisions SLOWLY! Sleep. “Plodding” With compounding interest, turtles always beat rabbits


Whatever I want God to bless - I put him 1st in!

Remember: “Whatever you keep stays with you. Whatever you give to God He bless and multiply” Your TIME, TALENTS, TREASURE!

Most of you are already doing this, so let me quickly summarize

What Tithing is all about



PR. 3:9-10“Honor the Lord by giving Him the first part of all your income, and He will fill your barns. . . to overflow!"

Tithing. Right off the top! Why 10%? See Purpose



DEUT. 14:23“The purpose of tithing is to teach you always to put God first in your lives.”

o an act of gratitude - for helping me earn it

o a demonstration of priorities - shows who’s 1st

o an act of faith – in the promise of God:


àTHE PLACE of tithing is where you worship:

MAL. 3:10“Bring to My Storehouse a full tenth of what you earn... Test me in this, says the Lord. ‘I WILL open the windows of heaven for you and pour out all the blessings you need.”


àTHE TIME,The Day…

1 COR. 16:2“On the first day of every week put aside some of what you have earned during the week, and use it for the offering. The amount

depends on how much the Lord has helped you earn.”

4th Habit is


Saving is God’s IQ test: 10-10-80 principle

If I want God’s blessing on my finance, if I want to get out of debt, I must learn to save money wisely. Notice this is number four.

First I remember God is my source.

Second, I make the money honestly.

Third, I honor God first.

And fourth, I save some of it.


You say, Pastor, are you telling me to save my money before I pay my bills?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you to do because that’s what the Bible says.

If you wait until all your bills are paid off to start saving you will never save anything. Most people are going to get to retirement flat broke because they spent all their money and never saved anything.


The Bible clearly says you pay God first and you pay yourself second.

Then you spend the rest on your bills, repayment, and things like that.

If you don’t you will never save anything.


John D. Rockefeller was the Bill Gates of his day. He was the first mega millionaire in America. They asked him one time, “How do you get to be a mega millionaire?” He said, the ten-ten-eighty principle. I tithe the first ten percent. I save the second ten percent. And I live on eighty percent. The ten-ten-eighty principle.


Did you know that God says your savings account tests your IQ? It shows how smart you are. By looking at your savings you can tell how wise you are with your money.

PR. 21:20 “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.” LB



Ave. Japanese saves 25% of income European - 18% Amer. -1%

Q that will increase your savings: Do I really HAVE to have this?

We must have more pleasure in saving rather than spending

When you save- you are making money work for you!

PR.24:27 “Develop your business first before building your house.”

Got a raise- don’t go buy a new car. Invest it! Raise your saving not your lifestyle


ECCL. 11:2 “Invest what you have in several different places, because you don't know what disasters might happen.” NCV Diversify!

PR. 13:11“Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow.”



Write it down! You must keep track – finances

PR. 21:5 “Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough." TEV

PR.27:23-24Riches can disappear watch your business interests closely. Know the state of your flocks and herds LB

Money talks... “I just don’t know where it all goes!” A Warning!."

Ignorance + Easy Credit = Trouble!

What I Own...Owe...Earn...& Where it goes


Pr. 23:5 “Your money can be gone in a flash, as if it had grown wings and Flown away like an eagle.” TEV

Money don’t talk – they walk away



Budget = Planned Spending. Telling your money where you want it to go... Again, look at ..

PR. 21:5“Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough."

impulse” buying, unplanned - based on emotions. Ever bought anything w/o thinking & later regretted? Nip in B.U.D.G.E.T.

PR. 21:20“... stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it." NLT

PR.21:5 “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty” NLT


You didn’t get into debt overnight….

Seek the help of trained advisors in our church or outside who can help you do this.


PR. 3:27 “Don't withhold repayment of your debts.” LB

Settle your debts. Make a plan.


ROM. 13:8 “Let no debt remain outstanding.” NIV

( paying only minimum)

v8 Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along. (The Message)


Pr.16:3“Commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed” NLT

3Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place. (The Message)

Who is ultimately in charge of your finances? You, your spouse, your kids, others or God? The problem is a lot of people leave God out of their finances up until they get into trouble.

Debt is not your biggest problem. A symptom of on unmanaged life

Major problem: People-so busy getting more - no time to enjoy what they have.

ECCL. 5:19“If God gives us wealth and property and lets us enjoy them. We should be grateful and enjoy what we have worked for. It is a gift from God.”TEV

What most people do: The order God blesses:

1. Spend it (then) 1. Dedicate it

2. Worry about it 2. Tithe it

3. Repay it 3. Save it

4. Save it 4. Repay it

5. Give it 5. Enjoy it

CLOSE with 2 things:

1st Next 2 min I’m going to put these 8 Habits slowly on the screen.

Ask yourself – which ones do I need to work on?

I don’t want you to get up & leave.

This may be the only 2 min. you sit quietly & think about your life

Look at your outline again and think which one you need to work on/need help.

Develop Good Habits (on screen)

1. Remember God is my Source                     5. Keep good records

2. Make money honestly                                6. Plan my spending

3. Honor God first                                          7. Set a repayment plan

4. Save money wisely                                    8. Commit it all to God




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