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At Living Hope, we believe genuine faith is “tangible.” In other words, it works itself out in deeds of love and service. That’s why we believe that every person attending the church should look to make the transition to becoming an active participant in its ministry. In fact, God promises us that every believer has been equipped to play a significant role in serving others. This means that a church’s vitality and effectiveness is directly linked to the service of those who attend. Because of this, we’re committed to helping each person at Living Hope find an appropriate place to serve Christ by serving others—matching ministry needs with interests and skills.

Please take a few minutes to look through the following service opportunities. For those you’re most interested in, we encourage you to contact the appropriate person in order to find out more information. 


COMMUNITY Care Ministry

We are a church in a community. Serving and supporting the well being of community is our priority. We conduct a year round events that coincide with major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are connected with a number of Seniors and schools facility in different cities.  If your passion is to serve, we want to hear from you. 



Next Gen provides mentorship to anyone as young as 3 years old to young adults.  We partner with parents in creating programs that will lead children towards knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.   


Music Ministry

Rather than approaching Sunday morning as a performance, the worship team seeks to use their gifts to lead the congregation in experiencing the glory and grace of God. If you have a skilled voice or instrumental talent, we invite you to explore the possibility of serving with this ministry. 


Hospitality Team

The people who serve on the hospitality team provide one of the most popular features at Living Hope. They make sure people can enjoy bagels, donuts, and coffee while connecting socially before and after services


Audio / Visual Team

Providing full audio, video, lighting, and computer support for all ministries at Living Hope. Open to anyone who is willing to give some time and learn new skills, this group has many opportunities for people who have a heart to help musicians, pastors, teachers, and others serve our congregation.